How to Become a Canadian Permanent Resident…

I thought it might be useful to create a post for those going through the same thing as the whole process can be really overwhelming. With a little time and a lot of attention to detail, there really is no need to use an immigration lawyer.


How to Really Lose 70lbs…

That is the section entitled "The Road to 70lbs Lighter" Full of Slimming World, diets, recipes and exercise hopes and dream. Well turns out the way to lose at least half of those pounds is a divorce!

New England and the Canadian Maritimes in a 5th Wheel with a pair of Cottonheads…

It's the name given to people of a certain age who have a hair full of silver, most often spotted driving a Nissan Almera with their white hair peaking over the seats like a pair of Cottonheads. If RV life taught me anything these past two weeks, it's that they generally come in pairs and … Continue reading New England and the Canadian Maritimes in a 5th Wheel with a pair of Cottonheads…

Our One Year Canniversary

Today is our one year Canniversary! We arrived in Vancouver exactly a year ago, full of trepidation and excitement. It was so hard to make friends at first and I felt a homesick like never before. What was wrong with me?! I didn't miss people! But after a few months and meeting some great friends … Continue reading Our One Year Canniversary

Truckin’ through the North Cascades and Oliver

A couple of weeks ago, I got to see me old Ma Egg! We have stayed in touch with intermittent wifi but we hadn't seen each other since I left at the end of September, so it was a welcome reunion! She has been travelling across the states in a 5th wheel and they came … Continue reading Truckin’ through the North Cascades and Oliver

Canada Day, lakes and relief!

I've also realised something I think I always secretly knew. Life in the UK is never enough. That is to say, no matter how much you earn, how high you climb, it will never be enough. The UK is an excessive culture. Don't get me wrong, I love the UK and the excess I refer to is also responsible for aspiration and ambition but it is also responsible for that feeling of inadequacy and a potential lifetime of struggle.

Should I stay or should I go now?

I booked a flight back to the UK when I couldn't stop crying at Christmas. I was completely pathetic and blubbed at the smallest thing so I booked a holiday so there was an end in sight. Being homesick was not something I had banked on at all. I have always travelled and have lived … Continue reading Should I stay or should I go now?

6 Weeks in the Life of a Brit in Vancouver…

I've been doing lots of bits and bobs that don't necessarily warrant a full blog post but I've taken the photos so have shared them all here. I feel like getting a car has finally meant I've started doing all the things I wanted to do in Canada before I got here even though most … Continue reading 6 Weeks in the Life of a Brit in Vancouver…

D Island

The day started at 330am in PoMo and I picked up Stacey and Chelsea nice and early before getting lost on our way to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal(standard) Despite my apparent obsession with the sea and lakes, I actually have very bad sea-legs so was not looking forward to the crossing. Actually, it was fine. I didn't feel even the slightest wobble and the ferry was a good standard-better than the usual Dover to Calais that I am used to. It was amazing to sail past all of the little islands, lusting after the Huckleberry Finn childhood cabins and ocean side living.

Barnet Marine Park

I've had a car for over a month now and not only has this released me from the grips of public transport but it has restored my spontaneity and made me embrace Vancouver finally! Things are on the up with the weather too and with a few beautiful days under my belt, I have been … Continue reading Barnet Marine Park